I am sitting watching the sunrise on the balcony of the house where Andy, my late husband spent most of his young life and a place, that over the last 17 years, I have become accustomed to calling home. On either side of me in different rooms, gently sleep three generations of Whitfield's, who's similarities and features boast a tender legacy of love.

It's quite strange to think about time in the context of Andy's absence. Or to comment on how long it takes to re adjust to life without the person or people, who not only played such a significant role in your life, but who made living and loving, such a wild and wonderful collaboration of adventure.

Some days it feels like forever and others, as though he was here last week. But it is in fact four whole years since letting him go, or somewhere close to that, as even with three world clocks, my Australian jet lag renders me incapable of working out what day, time, or date it actually is and in the calm serenity of this little island, without a concerted effort to open up one form or another of my Apple technology, I am contently and refreshingly enjoying the moment of now and the lives of those going on all around me.

Life moves on and whilst the love is still so very much there, nestled safely on a ledge in my heart, that I now only occasionally climb onto, when there is a need to look back and remind myself from where I once came, my focus now very much lives, in the now and the how, of what it takes to inspire a perspective of possibility.

So to you beautiful people, I share with you as always all I have to offer and in my sleep deprived haze invite you whole heartedly to take a good old look at who you have become in your life so far and to make sure, that you are wonderfully and clumsily, slowly shaping a legacy worthy of ALL THAT YOU ARE!

Press play and patiently wait a moment to hear the anniversary audio message...

Nicola Wilson