Partnership Vision and Ventures Coaching




The Partnership, Vision, Ventures and Clarity Coaching Programs are designed specifically for any committed start up relationship, long term couples, or current and soon to be business partners, who are ready to explore, define and align their collective purpose, passion and combined potential. As inspiring as it is challenging, the Partnership Coaching Program digs deep into the tissue of your relationship and your collective aspirations. We explore your values, your blocks and your individual and combined vision - both personally and professionally, to ensure that your long term goals and poignant next chapter, are built and birthed on a concrete strong foundation of alignment, awareness and commitment.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
— Albert Einstein


The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.
— Sarah MacLean


  • We help to harness the purpose, passion and potential of combined forces.

  • We work one on one and collectively to understand, to elicit and to clarify your independent and combined vision, values and long term and short term goals.

  • We help to facilitate clarity, purpose and strategy towards what you would most like to collectively craft, create and leave behind.

  • We anchor everything in the belief that Life, Leadership and Legacy are of equal importance and help you to build an inspiring blue print to purposefully include all three aspects with equal measure.

  • We explore as a partnership, how to embrace conflicting belief systems, contrasting values and how to bring into alignment the step by step process of bringing your combined vision to life.

  • We marry over twenty years coaching expertise and knowledge, along with wild, wonderful and extraordinary life experience - using current and cutting edge coaching tools and methodologies, structures and processes to help inspire, facilitate and generate self actualised sustainable and measurable long term results.

HOW We’ll get there

  • We explore your individual values, vision and goals before we collectively define what you would like to create and achieve together.

  • We combine Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Leadership Psychology, CBT training, along with Creative Business Strategy, Purpose-led Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence to teach, coach and facilitate independent and collective learning.

  • We offer a range of sessions to support getting you to exactly where you want to be, ranging from 1 to 12 months programs.

  • We combine creative, thought provoking and evocative exercises and content to help provoke, inspire and facilitate insight, growth and opportunity.

  • We offer a range of sessions and workshop structures to provide the best fit for your needs.

  • We believe wholeheartedly that challenge and transformation take place outside of your comfort zone. And will therefore, passionately and fearlessly create a safe space for you to authentically expand.

  • We offer a range of creative environments for you to workshop, create and build your inspiring masterplan - from weekend retreats to working with and coaching you remotely.




Vashti helped us hone in on our true family’s purpose and mission. She also helped us to face our biggest fears individually. Which then inspired and really empowered us to have the tough conversations so that we could work through and far beyond them.
Working with Vashti both individually and collectively had a major impact on the trajectory of our family, both personally and professionally.
— Angeliquea and Vinny | Raising the free