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As the Zen Buddhist saying goes, how you do anything is how you do everything ...
— Simon Sinek

Whether you are solo act, a small business, or an organisation, we work to help unlock, unblock and harness individual and team success. We love to collaborate and work alongside conscientious and purpose-led businesses and leaders, who are not only movers and shakers, but who also believe that by fostering human potential, diversity, inclusion and creativity, the long lasting legacy of your business will positively and powerfully impact and influence far beyond the success of your bottom line.

We’re big fans of getting right under your skin, in order to understand the culture, behaviours, habits and processes that you have in place. We challenge, we inspire and we rattle peoples cages in order to give you the best results. We deliver transformational leadership workshops and programs. We believe wholeheartedly that people with purpose, passion and direction are incapable of anything other than living, giving and leading in complete alignment with their potential. We teach, coach, mentor and facilitate, blending over twenty years of Performance Coaching, Transformational Leadership Strategy and Resilience and Mindset training, to enable you, your business and your people to unapologetically rock.

We blend Modern Psychology, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, the study of Purpose and Legacy Driven Leadership, Resilience and Mindset Training and Advanced Communication and Presentation skills. Along with the all-important build of your own Authentic Adaptive Leadership Trajectory, to help you, your team and your business thrive.





We share our twenty years of coaching expertise to help craft Executive, Personal and Professional Coaching Programs for both you and your team to start living and.

To learn and absorb in a way that best serves you, we design and deliver all our content so that you can tune in and participate from where ever you need to be.




As a hugely impactful and engaging facilitator and speaker, Vashti overflows with energy, humanity, wisdom and profound insight.  She is provocative and challenging and in relentless pursuit of supporting learning and growth for the individuals lucky enough to encounter her. I have had the incredible fortune to have also been associated with Vashti for nearly 20 years in the context of collaborator and partner. She is intensely committed, not just as a professional, but also as a human being, bringing every piece of herself, to ensure she always delivers to an amazing standard. By nature, she is massively supportive, consistently selfless, creatively brilliant and determined to have positive lasting impact on those she works with. She has already left a lasting legacy with Coaching Australia and myself personally, for which I am eternally grateful.
— Lisa Wandl | CEO & Founder Coach Australia + Coach Global
I am from a developing, Pacific Island country and the challenges in my country add a layer of complexity and hardship not faced in the West. The social, political, economic and cultural norms do not make it easy for women to shed their traditional ways of doing things and you can feel powerless. Vashti crosses culture, race, economic, social and political divide. She has this innate ability and presence to see what few do to earn the respect of those of us who unless you have walked in our shoes and lived our lives deserve. She is then able to get to the heart of you. That’s a gift. She has credibility and respect. I recommend middle management leaders who are set to take on management and/or leadership roles to see, attend and most importantly get coached by Vashti Whitfield. I feel and am in my power and have never felt so alive!
I’ve been “Vashti-ized”
— Judith Ugava-Taunao Vice President | Change Management .
We sought Vashti out to gain the clarity and support required to make some critical decisions with regard to our business and of course, as a result, our personal and family life. Her unique insight, approach and vision to allow us to look far beyond the obvious and a little more at the BIG picture, provided us with not only all the answers that we required to move forward, but a whole new set of strategies and tools for leading, living and having far richer experiences in life. Vashti is sharp, witty and incredibly intuitive. No stone will be left unturned!
— John Preston | Founder and CEO Match Media