Personal coaching is for anyone who is ready to step up to the table and ask for what and how they can give and gain more from their person and professional life.

Along with equipping you with the tools required to navigate the often unforeseeable experiences that life will inevitably offer up, the coaching process will also enable you to operate more creatively, more courageously and with the consciousness awareness to live and lead greater alignment of what is purposeful and meaningful to YOU - whatever that may be.

Be it deeply personal and or business related -  reflection, clarity and collaboration are absolutely key in helping to facilitate, champion and create sustainable long term and inspiring change.

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It’s not external events themselves that cause us distress, but the way in which we think about them...we cannot choose our external circumstances but we can always choose how we respond to them
— Epictetus

Listen to Vashti talk about the coaching process

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•   Clarity, reflection and deep focus in order to evolve where growth is required
•   Tangible tools and methodology for building resilience, emotional intelligence and the capacity to turn challenge into opportunity 
•   Instruction in adapting and adopting a growth mindset 
•   A creative sounding board to help develop, shape and harvest your ideas, goals and your personal or business potential
•   Tools to overcome performance anxiety and fear of speaking
•   Collaboration, perspective and a shatterproof structure to creatively, resiliently and powerfully manage change
•   Creative and dynamic exploration into crafting, shaping and forming your ‘next chapter’
•   Support for overcoming sticking points or roadblocks in aspects of your personal or professional life  
•   Insight into understanding, uncover and unblock self-limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours 
•   An accountability structure and focus in order to gain traction and movement where things have become a little stagnant
•  Learn how to become proactive versus reactive in all personal and professional situations
•   Structure, accountability and the creative collaboration to turn an idea into a tangible and actionable plan



Vashti’s skill for designing, creating, constructing and facilitating whatever learning forum is required to transition ‘stuck’ mindsets to new paradigms of opportunity and abundance is one of her greatest talents. She is fearlessly bold, ridiculously funny and will always leave you inspired to think, lead and perform with a whole new approach. Everyone needs a Vashti in their life!
— Anouk Darling - CEO