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This is just the tip of the iceberg ... look at what is underneath the water
— Eloise Night

Coaching is the subtle but powerful facilitation of unblocking, unlocking and harnessing the potential of life, of leadership and of crafting and creating a meaningful legacy. Potential is not just the difference between where we are and where we could be. Potential is the untapped opportunity available to ALL - to live, to lead and to bravely orchestrate a life worthy of who we want to be and what we most want to do.





One day Clarity Sesssion to get clear on Whether you are solo act, a small business, or an organisation, we work to help unlock, unblock.

Our 3 to 9 months series is hre to facilitate Whether you are solo act, a small business, or an organisation, we work to help unloc.

Your 12 months program is here to Whether you are solo act, a small business, or an organisation, we work to help unlock, unblock.




Working with Vashti Whitfield is for those who truly want to cut to the rub
Beyond having wonderful belly laughs - my time with Vashti brings me out of fighting through the day to day weeds, and pulls me quickly up into the clouds to a master view. I leave her feeling rallied, enthused, clear, and inspired. She is masterful in attuning to the human spirit - and diagnosing with the most profound and researched advice. Vashti has incredibly honed instincts and isn’t afraid to probe into the tough stuff. She also lives her words and is a deeply inspiring human to be around.
— Zoe Hayes - Google / Head of 2bC Marketing Apps & Platforms AUNZ
Life-changing are the first words that come to mind when I think about the incredibly talented Vashti Whitfield. I sought Vashti out after having followed her inspiring story and social media channels, as a Business Coach, but soon realised that when you work with Vashti that nothing is left unturned. Vashti has not only allowed me to open up my awareness to new and wonderful opportunities, but her sessions have taught me to be brave with everything I do - both personally and professionally. Through her life-changing teachings, constant encouragement and strong accountability structures, Vashti has helped me to develop a mindset and deep belief, that nothing at all is impossible in life!
— Nadine Monley Stylist and Entrepreneur Founder and MD Beauty Department
Working with Vashti has given me a deeper awareness and understanding of myself. A new perspective on the world, my life, my work-life and my relationships - in and out of the workplace. She has equipped me with the resilience to dig deeper, try harder, understand more and to proudly operate from a Growth Mindset which is more liberating than I ever thought possible.
— Bryn Robert Berry | Account Director. Brand Consultancy