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Executive and Performance Coaching is intended for senior executives, leaders and high-profile personalities for whom support, reflection and professional development is acutely necessary in order to manage, maintain and sustain the high-impact expectations and pressures placed upon them to remain relevant, innovative and impactful. This coaching process is as collaborative as it is reflective, enabling, eliciting and encouraging greater external success through a stronger and more aligned sense of self.

When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you
— Unknown

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•   Refine your own authentic-adaptive leadership style in order to lead and influence with far greater impact, ease and authenticity
•   Become a purpose-led leader (vs ‘following the pack’)
•   Learn tangible tools and methodology for building leadership resilience and emotional intelligence
•   Discover how to manage the habits that are stealing your essence
•   Become proactive versus reactive in all situations personally and professionally
•   Understand how to build, unite and inspire your team, your board and your industry
•   Manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm
•   Learn how to overcome performance anxiety and fear of speaking
•   Manage conflict and build more meaningful professional relationships
•   Reinvigorate your career to be anchored in purpose, impact and legacy
•   Build confidence and gain clarity in expanding your potential, your impact and your intended legacy
•   Find collaboration, perspective and a shatterproof structure to creatively, resiliently and powerfully manage change
•   Develop an accountability structure and focus in order to gain traction and movement where things have become a stagnant
•   Cultivate a creative sounding board to help develop, shape and harvest your ideas, goals and your potential
•   Create, develop and implement a sustainable work-life balance



I sought Vashti out to gain the clarity and support required to make some critical decisions with regard to my business and of course as a result my personal and family life. Her unique insight, approach and vision to allow me to look far beyond the obvious and a little more at the BIG picture, provided me with not only all the answers that I required to move forward, but a whole new set of strategies and tools for leading, living and having far richer experiences in life. Vashti is sharp, witty and incredibly intuitive. No stone will be left unturned!
— John Preston - Founder and CEO Match Media