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Life. Leadership. Legacy.


Clarity & Perspective Coach, Speaker and Teacher

Vashti Whitfield is a globally-acclaimed coach and speaker, sought-after  resilience and mindset expert, documentary maker, and published author. Disarmingly candid and undeniably authentic Vashti uses her 20 years of professional experience to uncover and harness human potential. Vashti will ’s purpose and passion is to help her clients crack your their limitations wide open, shift your their mindset, and leave them with the overwhelming desire to live and lead a life that along with becoming is purpose-led, is also consciously crafted and that with has the enormous potential of your personal and professional legacy. Read more



Speaking, mc & hosting

With over twenty years facilitating and studying human behaviour and as a natural born storyteller, connecter and hugely entertaining, razor-sharp communicator and presenter… Find out more


We challenge, we inspire and we rattle peoples cages - intending to teach, facilitate and cultivate a whole new approach to the ongoing expansion of human potential...  Find out more



Typically we are sought out for Executive and Performance Coaching from high-level professionals, senior leaders and unique creatives who are either ready to expand their influence…  Find out more

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Executive and Performance Coaching is intended for senior executives, maintain and sustain the high-impact expectations and pressures placed upon them …  Find out more


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We so often lack confidence because we implicitly regard its possession as a matter of slightly freakish… Find out more


A conversation with Vashti Whitfield - Parenting, Be Here Now Film, relationships and more...… Find out more

INTERVIEW with vashti

When you meet Vashti Whitfield for the first time, something in your being starts to shift… Find out more