Online Coaching Programs


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Our online coaching programs have been designed to facilitate personal and professional growth, while simultaneously also enabling connection, collaboration and diversity of thought.

We wanted to create a sense of tribe and a feel of inclusion and belonging for a collective of individuals who are interested and curious about how to consciously, creatively and purposefully live, lead and leave behind one heck of a meaningful legacy.

All our programs have been passionately and masterfully designed to support you having the most insightful, creative and transformational learning journey possible.

We all make a difference - but we have to consciously choose what that is,
in order to live and lead in alignment with the impact that we most want to cause
— Vashti Whitfield


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Your legacy does not just commence after your departure, it begins in the very moment that you consciously choose to live and lead with purpose, passion and pride.
— Vashti Whitfield




“After 20 years of coaching, facilitating and harnessing human potential. After choosing to turn the most terrifying of life’s challenges into a meaningful and purpose-filled project that would end becoming a legacy that would go on to impact and influence millions of people around the world. I decided that it was high time that I combine the amalgamation of my personal, professional and life experience in the shape of a powerful, practical and transformational coaching program.“

~ Vashti Whitfield





As much an epic adventure of self-discovery, as it is an education into the mastery of emotional intelligence, authentic adaptive leadership and the skill sets and resilience required to convert a purposeful vision, into a meaningful reality, the My Legacy Project  6-month coaching program, is a structured multi-platformed learning journey, designed to practically, creatively and powerfully bring your unique legacy to life.

LAUNCH DATE: January 2020

What if I fall?
oh, but my darling, what if you fly?
— Erin Hansen