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Regardless of your position, your title or the arena that you play in. Whether you are at the top of your game and itching for more, or stuck in a rut and wanting to run for the hills. We embrace Life, Loss and Personal Leadership as the all important areas of the human experience to help mine for potential. Coaching is about providing the clarity, structure and support necessary to have you consciously and creatively live and lead in alignment with your unique, untapped and authentic potential.

We create a safe supportive and confidential space for Senior Leaders, Executives and High Level Creatives to authentically tackle the internal and external challenges that often come with the isolation of playing big.

You are the only one who can limit your greatness...
— Unknown

UNLOCKING + unblocking human potential

Success is not what you have but who you are ...
— Bo Bennett


  • We offer a variety of Coaching Programs to facilitate Senior Executives, High Level Professionals, Globally acclaimed Creatives and for all individuals who are ready to step up and conscientiously play at the next level in life.

  • We help to build clarity, confidence, purpose and strategy for the outcomes, objectives and impact that you most want to make, both personally and professionally.

  • We help to facilitate and build emotional intelligence, agility and adaptability, for the resilience that is required to embrace all aspects of change, as a necessary and empowering part of the human experience.

  • We create a safe and supportive space for the perceived to be invincible and the formidable, to authentically and honestly explore their imposter syndrome, a fear of success and or failure and the turbulent and exhausting impact of perfectionism.

  • We marry over twenty years coaching expertise and knowledge - using current and cutting edge coaching tools and methodologies, structures and processes to help educate, facilitate and generate self actualised sustainable and measurable long term results.

  • We help to put the spring back in your step, the twinkle back in your eyes and the fire back in your belly for living and leading in alignment with your potential. 


  • Our Coaches, along with being ICF accredited, are also highly competent and hugely engaging human beings and facilitators.

  • We combine Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Leadership training, Modern Psychology, CBT, along with Creative Business Strategy, Purpose-led Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence in all our Coaching Programs.

  • We offer a range of Coaching Programs to support the desired outcome, that range from a single power packed Clarity Session to our No Turning Back one year transformational Life, Leadership and Legacy Program.

  • We combine creative, thought provoking and evocative exercises and content to help provoke, inspire and facilitate insight, growth and opportunity.

  • We anchor everything in the belief that Life, Leadership and Legacy are of equal importance.

  • We believe wholeheartedly in the potential of anyone and everyone.

  • We take every measure to ensure compatibility is 100% in alignment between Coach and Coachee.

  • We also design coach specific development programs to help dramatically inspire and improve individual and team performance and engagement.




Working with Vashti Whitfield is for those who truly want to cut to the rub
Beyond having wonderful belly laughs - my time with Vashti brings me out of fighting through the day to day weeds, and pulls me quickly up into the clouds to a master view. I leave her feeling rallied, enthused, clear, and inspired. She is masterful in attuning to the human spirit - and diagnosing with the most profound and researched advice. Vashti has incredibly honed instincts and isn’t afraid to probe into the tough stuff. She also lives her words and is a deeply inspiring human to be around.
— Zoe Hayes - Google / Head of 2bC Marketing Apps & Platforms AUNZ
Life-changing are the first words that come to mind when I think about the incredibly talented Vashti Whitfield. I sought Vashti out after having followed her inspiring story and social media channels, as a Business Coach, but soon realised that when you work with Vashti that nothing is left unturned. Vashti has not only allowed me to open up my awareness to new and wonderful opportunities, but her sessions have taught me to be brave with everything I do - both personally and professionally. Through her life-changing teachings, constant encouragement and strong accountability structures, Vashti has helped me to develop a mindset and deep belief, that nothing at all is impossible in life!
— Nadine Monley. Stylist and Entrepreneur Founder and MD Beauty Department
I was new in my job in an ASX company, a well-known, large established business in my country and was placed in a role which I knew very little about. Heading up a team of very experienced, knowledgeable and confident staff, to say I was totally out of my depth and swimming up-stream was an understatement. Then I met the vivacious and amazing Vashti at the same time and was “Vashti-ized”. She saw me and made me see what I was doing to myself. My authentic self, which I noticed for the very first time with such clarity and perspective came out of nowhere. This woman I dreamed of being is here. Since being Vashti-ized, I helped my team through a time of major uncertainty due to a natural disaster which affected our business, got appointed to a new role, moved countries to take up the role and managed a whole new team.
With a deep breath, I took all the key lessons from Vashti, dug deep and went for it. It has been truly amazing. I have now been promoted to that role which has also been expanded to Alaska and moved my family to Sydney to begin a whole new chapter. Even on the most challenging of days, I am having the greatest of times. I am so present in my skin and loving being this woman I always dreamed of being. I feel in my power and am sharing this journey with my teen daughter and my wonderful husband too.
Vashti Whitfield made me see, believe and be.
— Judith Ugava - Taunao Vice President, Change Management Oil Search Limited
Working with Vashti has given me a deeper awareness and understanding of myself. A new perspective on the world, my life, my work-life and my relationships - in and out of the workplace. She has equipped me with the resilience to dig deeper, try harder, understand more and to proudly operate from a Growth Mindset which is more liberating than I ever thought possible.
— Bryn Robert Berry - Account Director and Brand Consultancy