The Clarity Session


Get clear, get courageous and get on with the life that you’re supposed to be living...
— Vashti Whitfield

Are you ready to build clarity about what you do and don’t want in life personally and professionally? Do you feel as though you have reached a cross roads where continuing down the same path just won’t cut it anymore. Or perhaps you know what you want but are feeling conflicted, uncertain or fearful about moving forward.

The Clarity session is designed and facilitated to get you crystal clear about what you most want.

The Clarity Session will:

  • Create and cultivate an inspiring and crystal clear vision.

  • Equip you with the right tools to overcome the internal and external obstacles.

  • Provide you with the clarity and courage to step up, lean in and let go of what was, in order to embrace the potential of what can be.

With the New Year and a whole new decade ahead, Vashti has opened up a series of limited spots to help facilitate those of you who are consciously ready and willing to dig deep and entertain how to live and lead in alignment with the life and legacy that you most want to cultivate, create and courageously live.

The Clarity Sessions are for:

Individuals and couples who are ready to create greater alignment, clarity and perspective in order to bring the next meaningful and purposeful chapter to life.






Total Package:

  • Preparation Assignment

  • 3 hours 1:1 Clarity Coaching Session

  • Momentum Assignment

  • 1 hour Momentum Call


Total Package:

  • Preparation Assignment

  • 2 x 1 hour Set Up Call (1:1 Individual Call - 1 hour each partner)

  • 3 hours Combined Clarity Session

  • Momentum Assignment

  • 1 hour Combined Momentum Call

Please note:

*All Clarity Coaching Sessions are conducted via Zoom unless requested otherwise - geography permitting.

*All Set Up and Momentum Calls are conducted via Phone or Zoom.

*This offer will expire on December 23rd 2019 and all sessions have to be booked before March 2020.




I was new in my job in an ASX company, a well-known, large established business in my country and was placed in a role which I knew very little about. Heading up a team of very experienced, knowledgeable and confident staff, to say I was totally out of my depth and swimming up-stream was an understatement. Then I met the vivacious and amazing Vashti at the same time and was “Vashti-ized”. She saw me and made me see what I was doing to myself. My authentic self, which I noticed for the very first time with such clarity and perspective came out of nowhere. This woman I dreamed of being is here. Since being Vashti-ized, I helped my team through a time of major uncertainty due to a natural disaster which affected our business, got appointed to a new role, moved countries to take up the role and managed a whole new team ...
— Judith Ugava-Taunao Vice President | Change Management .
Vashti helped us hone in on our true family’s purpose and mission. She also helped us to face our biggest fears individually. Which then inspired and really empowered us to have the tough conversations so that we could work through and far beyond them.
Working with Vashti both individually and collectively had a major impact on the trajectory of our family, both personally and professionally.
— Angeliquea and Vinny | Raising the free