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Life. Leadership. Legacy.


Clarity & Perspective Coach, Speaker and Teacher

Vashti Whitfield is a globally-acclaimed coach and speaker, sought-after resilience and mindset expert, documentary maker, and published author. Disarmingly candid and undeniably authentic Vashti uses her 20 years of professional experience to uncover and harness human potential. Vashti’s purpose and passion is to help her clients crack their limitations wide open, to help shift their mindset, and to leave them with the overwhelming desire to live and lead a life that is purpose-led and consciously crafted with the enormous potential of their personal and professional legacy. Read more


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We deliver Transformational Leadership programs and believe wholeheartedly that people with purpose, passion and direction are incapable of anything other than living, giving and leading in complete alignment with their potential. Find out more

Coaching is the subtle but powerful facilitation of unblocking, unlocking and harnessing human potential. We challenge, we inspire and we rattle peoples cages - intending to teach, facilitate and cultivate a whole new way of living and leading in life. Find out more


From Leadership and Motivational Keynote Speaking, to hosting and facilitating evocative and provocative discussions and debates to help build, harness and create culture alignment for your business, team, community and organisation. Find out more

Our bite sized, accessible to all, brilliantly informative, creative and yet transformative classes will be launched later this this year. A pick and mix feast of learning to enable, challenge and facilitate your personal and professional growth and development. Find out more


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INTERVIEW with vashti 2019

A conversation with Vashti exploring the complexities of everything from purpose to parenting, documentary-making, to how to turn the most challenging of projects into a life changing legacy. Join Vashti for a raw, authentic and as candid as ever, humorous conversation… Watch the interview


Vashti and her late husband the actor Andy Whitfield (Spartacus Starz Network), chose to turn their greatest challenge into a catalyst for inspiring millions of people worldwide by co-creating and championing the award-winning documentary feature film, Be Here Now available on Netflix… Find out more


Every few weeks on Robert Gerrish’s Rekindle Podcast he talks to entrepreneurs, creatives and trailblazers to discover how they stay energised, inspired and on-track. Listen to the Podcast