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Radical Reframe with Vashti Whitfield


The 10 Month Radical Reframe Intensive is a dynamic, immersive group coaching program for individuals who thrive in supportive, group settings and are committed to growth. This 10 month  adventure melds rigorous education, encouragement, humour, and effective tough love, helping you fully engage with your purpose, passion, and potential. Join a community of determined, outcomes-focused, and creatively-minded individuals who value accountability and intentionally progress between monthly sessions. In this collaborative environment, you'll move beyond procrastination, dig deep, and actualize the aspirations you've previously set aside, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and achievement.


  • Welcome to The 10 Month Intensive Program – a 10-month immersion into personal growth and tangible results. Whether you're new or returning, this program is designed to provide you with the structure and guidance to turn your visions into reality.


  • Throughout this 10-month journey, you will join Vashti Whitfield for dynamic live sessions on Zoom each month, featuring enriching content, interactive exercises, journaling, coaching, and engaging discussions. This intimate community provides a nurturing environment, and weekly assignments, email support, and personal check-ins keep you on track and motivated.

    Sessions time: 7:00-9:00 pm AEST

    Dates for your 10 group sessions are: 

    KICK OFF  1- May 16th

    Session 2 - Jun 13th

    Session 3 -  Jul 25th

    Session 4 -  Aug 15th

    Session 5 - Sept 19th

    Session 6 - Oct 17th

    Session 7 - Nov 14th

    Session 8 - Dec 12th

    Session 9 - Jan 30th 2025

    FINAL Session Feb 27th 2025

  • Alongside your Group coaching sessions, there's also the addition of quarterly Micro Coaching Sessions with Vashti, designed to supercharge your progress. These sessions help you break through barriers, gain valuable support, and address critical coaching conversations. A powerful pause away from the group to work directly with Vashti.


    Please note, these personalized sessions are available only within specified timeframes. Once the program begins, we'll send you calendar invitations for easy scheduling.

  • The investment for this program is $5,500 AUD.

    Payment plans are available upon request. 




    • Dive deep into your beliefs and behaviors.

    • Courageously challenge and reshape unconscious biases.

    • Craft a clear roadmap for your personal and professional aspirations.

    • Set tangible indicators for your long-term success.

    • Embrace the various facets of your inner self.

    • Align these aspects to create harmony and proactively drive change.

    • Break free from limiting habits.

    • Develop strategies for building empowering routines.

    • Pause and reflect on your journey's progress.

    • Strengthen the foundations that support your alignment.

    • Discover the art of personal leadership.

    • Cultivate influence while remaining true to your values.

    • Explore the power of giving back and leaving a lasting impact.

    • Shift from self-focus to a broader, purpose-driven perspective.

    • Carefully assess your alignment with your values and vision.

    • Confront unconscious biases and embrace your uniqueness.

    • Measure your growth and acknowledge your journey's successes and challenges.

    • Celebrate your achievements.

    • Chart a course for the upcoming year, rooted in your realigned values and identity.


“ Vashti is inimitable. A force of energy, positivity and razor sharp intelligence that transports you to a place of absolute possibility, underpinned by such excitement for life, that she’s like a drug. She empowered me to think with an entirely different lens of possibility, creatively led my thinking to a world of new heights, and gave me a mindset and practice which doubled my business within two months of meeting her .”

- Anouk Darling - Non Executive Director


“Working with Vashti brought me the clarity, insight and vision I needed to really take my business and life to the next level! The business has now grown and confidently become what I always knew was possible but just didn’t quite know how to get there. Melbourne, New York and who knows what is next! Vashti is a true visionary for all creative businesses and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business or individual looking for an external force to drive their people and their business to the next level.”

- Gabrielle Hansen - Managing Director


“There is no one like Vashti, her ability to listen deeply to what is not being said is a skill. Vashti knows exactly when to change gear, to stretch you and a chat with Vashti can leave you feeling like you can conquer the world, yet, when you are far from feeling like that, Vashti has the ability to really nurture and support.”

- Cindy Kavanagh - Founder and Creative Director


“Working with Vashti has given me a deeper awareness and understanding of myself. A new perspective on the world, my life, my work-life and my relationships - in and out of the workplace. She has equipped me with the resilience to dig deeper, try harder, understand more and to proudly operate from a Growth Mindset which is more liberating than I ever thought possible.”

- Leisa Heywood - Lawyer and Policy Anylsit 


“Vashti has a way with how she delivers - she just does it DIFFERENT. She doesn't use fluffy text books or use complex terminologies - she is real, rational, raw and relatable. Vashti is also concise and specific, which really helps when your thoughts are a whirlwind. I found Vashti had more of an impact on me (after just the one session) than a combined 20 years of seeing therapists/Psychologists. ”

- Dan Hutchison - Wealth Strategy Consultant


“I am so grateful that Vashti put this program together (and is considering launching a longer version) as, for me, this 'group coaching' situation allows me to see I'm not alone in this. I love the mix of people and how we all have very different backgrounds but go through the same situations. I hope to continue on as I realise how much it is helping me - I have also enjoyed 'cheering on' my fellow cohort and seeing people find new ways to tackle issues as well as address vulnerabilities in a safe space. Thank you. ”

- Cristine Merritt - Chief Marketing Officer

Radical Reframe with Vashti Whitfield



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