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“We sought Vashti out to gain the clarity and support required to make some critical decisions with regard to our business and of course, as a result, our personal and family life. Her unique insight, approach and vision to allow us to look far beyond the obvious and a little more at the BIG picture, provided us with not only all the answers that we required to move forward, but a whole new set of strategies and tools for leading, living and having far richer experiences in life. Vashti is sharp, witty and incredibly intuitive. No stone will be left unturned!”

- John Preston | Founder and CEO Match Media

“I am from a developing, Pacific Island country and the challenges in my country add a layer of complexity and hardship not faced in the West. The social, political, economic and cultural norms do not make it easy for women to shed their traditional ways of doing things and you can feel powerless. Vashti crosses culture, race, economic, social and political divide. She has this innate ability and presence to see what few do to earn the respect of those of us who unless you have walked in our shoes and lived our lives deserve. She is then able to get to the heart of you. That’s a gift. She has credibility and respect. I recommend middle management leaders who are set to take on management and/or leadership roles to see, attend and most importantly get coached by Vashti Whitfield. I feel and am in my power and have never felt so alive!
I’ve been “Vashti-ized.”

- Judith Ugava-Taunao Vice President | Change Management

“I am a geologist and met Vashti as part of a leadership program with my large international company. Vashti’s reaches FAR surpassed my time during the program with her – my mom, my siblings, my friends and even random strangers – were positively impacted by her awesome ripple effect. Vashti helped me realise that my passion is infectious. In the workspace, my colleagues can really benefit from that – and in my position as a global geoscientist, the implications of this are world-reaching. Vashti literally changed my life. She helped me clarify my life’s purpose and fully embrace my true authentic self. Now and better than ever, I am an influential scientist that helps bring change to the world – through inspiring others, embracing creativity and leading with passion. Her quick-witted yet empathetic conversations allow you to tackle deep topics effortlessly together. There is never a dull moment when collaborating with Vashti.”

- Julianne Lamb - Basin Analyst

“As a hugely impactful and engaging facilitator and speaker, Vashti overflows with energy, humanity, wisdom and profound insight. She is provocative and challenging and in relentless pursuit of supporting learning and growth for the individuals lucky enough to encounter her. I have had the incredible fortune to have also been associated with Vashti for nearly 20 years in the context of collaborator and partner. She is intensely committed, not just as a professional, but also as a human being, bringing every piece of herself, to ensure she always delivers to an amazing standard. By nature, she is massively supportive, consistently selfless, creatively brilliant and determined to have positive lasting impact on those she works with. She has already left a lasting legacy with Coaching Australia and myself personally, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Lisa Wandl | CEO & Founder Coach Australia + Coach Global

“Vashti's exceptional energy, passion, and profound knowledge are what make working with her such a powerful and impactful experience. Her enthusiasm and expertise shine through in every session, creating a supportive and transformative environment that allows for vast personal growth and life changing and career making breakthroughs.”

- Susie Glass

“If you're stuck in a life quandary that's holding you back, this series will shine some glorious light on ways that you can create powerful, meaningful shifts from within. If I had to corner a moment when the RRS would be most impactful, I'd say it's during those moments when your back is up against a wall - be it at a professional level or a deeply personal one. Everyone needs the Radical Reframe it teases out the tangles in your brain with a Vashti-Whitfield flourish and arms you with a force field of skills to navigate the now.”

- Karina Parry

“This series was nothing short of fantastic! It is really meant for those who are not afraid to take a hard look at themselves and are willing to put in the practical/emotional work needed to make the most out of life. It's not for the faint of heart, but the results are incredibly rewarding. The series is great for anyone who is willing to reframe how they look at their lives and how they're living it.”

- Rebecca White

“The Radical Reframe Series is for anyone in search of clarity, inspiration or growth. It's an ideal program for anyone who is ready to push through their current limitations, and is curious and ready to reframe the way they think. This series is truly an eye-opening and inspiring experience that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated.”

- Gosia Dector

“I found the Radical Reframe series a great 'reminder' and 'extender' of concepts I have visited before, but in a fun, rigorous, playful context. Vashti is a bold and wild leader, and an expert facilitator of difficult and tricky mindsets, and I felt safe to be vulnerable and expose myself, which in turn allowed me to grow in clarity and self awareness. RRS is for anyone who is keen to sharpen the pencil on life, get a handle on themselves, and as a reset.  It's for everyone, and particularly if you're ready to upgrade your mindset.”

- Jody DR

“This series was nothing short of fantastic! It is really meant for those who are not afraid to take a hard look at themselves and are willing to put in the practical/emotional work needed to make the most out of life. It's not for the faint of heart, but the results are incredibly rewarding. I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to make an active leap towards a bigger and braver  life.”

- Ana Lobos

“Vashti was a wonderful MC for our Conversations about Death and Dying event. Vashti was highly articulate and knowledgeable on all areas of topic and contributed greatly to the overall content of the conversations. She intuitively read the audience and knew how and when to change pace and energy, and when to expand topics and discussions further. We were very grateful to be guided by Vashti’s experience during the day. We received fabulous feedback from the audience and speakers about her energy and her contribution to our annual event. Her passion for facilitating conversations about death and dying is invaluable as we increase discussion around these topics in our community.”

- Joanna Goodwin. Director North Sydney Community Centre

“I first experienced Vashti as a Keynote Speaker - where along with her fearless and candid delve into making her documentary Be Here Now, she also explored the whole relationship between resilience and mindset. After hearing her speak and then watching her documentary I felt compelled to seek her out as a Coach. I can honestly say she has become one of the most pivotal human beings in my life. The amount I have grown and transformed in one year is a testament to her nature, her expertise, and her purpose.
I would recommend Vashti as a Speaker, Coach or Facilitator to any person, team, business or organisation who is looking to gain clarity, perspective and motivation to brave the necessary steps of change…”

- Bryn Robert Berry | Account Director. Brand Consultancy

“I first met Vashti Whitfield as a Keynote Speaker where she presented an awe inspiring presentation on the importance of Legacy Driven Leadership. Vashti then hosted and facilitated the NSW WIQ Diversity and Leadership Summit. Her capacity to create a hugely inclusive, engaging and motivating environment was outstanding. Her humour and knowledge combined, was as entertaining as it was impactful, successfully dissolving and uniting a vastly diverse audience. Along with adding enormous dynamism and value to our day long discussion on Diversity and Inclusion, Vashti also expertly facilitated an Inclusive Leadership workshop on Unconscious Bias, where she artfully wove the speaker’s content and theme of the day, into a hugely insightful and action-based leadership workshop. A true master of ceremonies!”

- Peter Lawlor | NSW Chairperson of Quarrying Australia

“As lead facilitator Vashti was just brilliant from start to finish! She does nothing half-heartedly and brought her complete self to the course. Her decades of experience, her own personal triumphs and tragedies, and her amazingly unique perspective to take life and squeeze every drop out of it with pure love, intention and purpose brought magic to the course. It was such a wonderful journey to be immersed in this magic over the entire course that it left a very deep and positive impact on me forever. ”

- Anouk Darling. Non Executive Director and Strategic Consultant

“Vashti goes beyond being a keynote speaker; she's a transformative force.

Her impact at our high-level immersive business event in Fiji still resonates years later, with attendees attesting to the positive transformation her words and advice have brought to their lives. Vashti's magnetic presence and relatable storytelling captivate from the start, taking you on a self-discovery journey that challenges your thinking and encourages breaking out of your comfort zone. Her message of unity and radical reframing is a breath of fresh air in a divided world. If you have the chance to witness Vashti in action or hire her for your event, seize it. She's a game changer you won't want to miss.”

- Libby Babet - Founder and Director, Up- Beat Fitness, Nurture Retreats and Chief

"Vashti is an amazing transformational coach, a master artisan, the best of the best, who brings together many decades of experience combined with the latest neuroscience and human behavior knowledge, and delivers her work through a beautiful balance of the Ying and the Yang, to push and pull as needed. To gently guide the moment and yet powerfully envision the future, which continues to encourage and motivate you to become the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life. Working with Vashti Whitfield has been a phenomenal journey to say the least. I have come alive in every aspect of my life - at work I am leading my teams with a whole new lease of innovative and creative leadership. At home, I am a thousand times more present and connected with my children and loved ones and on a personal and entrepreneurial level - I have been to shape the blueprint for the legacy that I most want to LIVE and leave behind. I will be forever grateful to Vashti for this transformation."

- Lucy McRae. World renowned Sci Fi Artist , Film Maker and Body Architect

"Whatever the stage of your life, be it personal or work-wise, working with VW is such an incredible experience and one I’d highly recommend to anyone. Working together has really helped me to put into words and to plan with absolute clarity what I most want, both professionally and personally, and then diligently action it! It totally changed the direction of my life and business for the better and provided me with useful lifelong tools that I use on a regular basis, making it such an empowering experience. VW is truly one of a kind. A kind-hearted, strong, driven, open, and beautiful human! She is a force to be reckoned with and being around her, you can’t help but be inspired to create change and want for a better life."

- Will Lynes ~ Founder and Director Lynes & Co

"Working with Vashti brought me the clarity, insight, and vision I needed to really take my business and life to the next level! The business has now grown and confidently become what I always knew was possible but just didn’t quite know how to get there. Melbourne, New York, and who knows what is next! Vashti is a true visionary for all creative businesses and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business or individual looking for an external force to drive their people and their business to the next level."

- Ellie Hansen - Managing Director Ishimodo

"Working with Vashti has given me a deeper awareness and understanding of myself. A new perspective on the world, my life, my work-life, and my relationships - in and out of the workplace. She has equipped me with the resilience to dig deeper, try harder, understand more and to proudly operate from a Growth Mindset which is more liberating than I ever thought possible."

- Robert Berry. Account Director. Brand Consultancy

"I was new in my job in an ASX company, a well-known, large established business in my country and was placed in a role which I knew very little about. Heading up a team of very experienced, knowledgeable, and confident staff, to say I was totally out of my depth and swimming up-stream was an understatement. Then I met the vivacious and amazing Vashti at the same time and was 'Vashti-ized'. She saw me and made me see what I was doing to myself. My authentic self, which I noticed for the very first time with such clarity and perspective came out of nowhere. This woman I dreamed of being is here. Since being Vashti-ized, I helped my team through a time of major uncertainty due to a natural disaster which affected our business, got appointed to a new role, moved countries to take up the role and managed a whole new team. With a deep breath, I took all the key lessons from Vashti, dug deep and went for it. It has been truly amazing. I have now been promoted to that role which has also been expanded to Alaska and moved my family to Sydney to begin a whole new chapter. Even on the most challenging of days, I am having the greatest of times. I am so present in my skin and loving being this woman I always dreamed of being. I feel in my power and am sharing this journey with my teen daughter and my wonderful husband too. Vashti Whitfield made me see, believe, and be."

- Judith Ugava-Taunao Vice President | Change Management

"Life-changing are the first words that come to mind when I think about the incredibly talented Vashti Whitfield. I sought Vashti out after having followed her inspiring story and social media channels, as a Business Coach, but soon realized that when you work with Vashti that nothing is left unturned. Vashti has not only allowed me to open up my awareness to new and wonderful opportunities, but her sessions have taught me to be brave with everything I do - both personally and professionally. Through her life-changing teachings, constant encouragement, and strong accountability structures, Vashti has helped me to develop a mindset and deep belief, that nothing at all is impossible in life!"

- Nadine Monley. Stylist and Entrepreneur Founder and MD Beauty Department

"Working with Vashti Whitfield is for those who truly want to cut to the rub. Beyond having wonderful belly laughs - my time with Vashti brings me out of fighting through the day to day weeds and pulls me quickly up into the clouds to a master view. I leave her feeling rallied, enthused, clear, and inspired. She is masterful in attuning to the human spirit - and diagnosing with the most profound and researched advice. Vashti has incredibly honed instincts and isn’t afraid to probe into the tough stuff. She also lives her words and is a deeply inspiring human to be around."

- Zoe Hayes - Head of Brand, Social and YouTube Marketing AUNZ at Google

​​”Vashti’s skill for designing, creating, constructing, and facilitating whatever learning forum is required to transition 'stuck' mindsets to new paradigms of opportunity and abundance is one of her greatest talents. She is fearlessly bold, ridiculously funny, and will always leave your team inspired to think, lead, and perform with a whole new approach. Everyone needs a Vashti in their life!"

- Anouk Darling. Non Executive Director and Strategic Consultant

“Vashti is a true gem. I am really proud of the work done thus far, and immensely impressed with the growth in leadership that's occurred through our time. I feel deeply seen, heard, held, and felt, in such a refreshing & enriching way, that it has really allowed me to come face to face with some complex & somewhat painful life blockages, while safely working through them in order to get down to business and making creative impact. Since first walking in, I now look back at our time together, with such fondness and appreciation, holding my head higher, and my heart more true.”

- Keiynan Lonsdale, Actor, Musician and Dancer

“I am not sure what I was looking for, I just knew I needed some help, the hardest part was to ask. A friend recommended some YouTube clips and some TEDx talks, and then Vashti.

I had suddenly lost my partner of 20 years, who also worked alongside me in our business, and so I had this complex mixture of needs. For six of my darkest night-of-the-soul months Vashti was my cheerleader, mentor, guide, coach and counselor. She delivered personal coaching with some commercial advice, grief counseling with business sense and some transformational resilience training  - she offered support and kicked my butt, allowed me to weep, and then focussed me on a positive way forward. Vashti was like a multi-box of power points and I could plug into the one to give me energy, insight and answers. Not all the answers, she gives you homework, and pushes you to ask the hard questions, and gives a piece of herself - so much integrity and genuine focus.

The words that come to mind when I think of my time with Vashti: genuine, holistic, a multi-verse of goodness, incredibly present and attuned, and so much in her truth, it inspires and connects.

I didn't know what I needed, but it turns out I needed a Vashti. ”

- Kate Malcom | Business Owner and GM New Zealand

“Vashti Whitfield is an absolute powerhouse and an enigma. Working with Vashti over the past year in an executive coaching capacity has been a catalyst for not only professional but personal transformation. Vashti has this unique ability to unlock the potential inside of you that you didn't know you had. She has incredible intuition, she is able to see inside of you and pull all the juicy goodness to the surface that we often bury deep, helping you realize and unleash your true calling and gifts in this world. Vashti, as a coach, is in the trenches with you, through the wins and the fails, she's the person in your ear daily (not literally) telling you to crack on and keep moving, 'what would Vashti do' is a recurring thought once you begin working with her.

Vashti's way of operating in this world, how she engages with it and those lucky enough to work with her is nothing short of magical. Her grace, her commitment, her gentle but no messing approach is nothing short of inspirational. I have achieved remarkable growth since working with Vashti, not just professionally but in my life as a whole. I am still growing but Vashti has equipped me with the skills, tools and mindset to keep moving forward and curate the life I want for myself, making everything seem possible. She's fearless, provocative and completely authentic in all that she does, you end up either falling in love with her, wanting to be her or wanting to be her best friend just so you can be around her infectious nature.

Vashti Whitfield is a gift to the world, if you have the opportunity to work with her, don't think twice, you'll transform in ways you didn't know were possible. She's your absolute wing woman!”

- Emily Dwyer - Event Designer & Strategist Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

“Working with Vashti has been an incredible journey over the past 2 years. I started working with Vashti as the world was slowly coming out of covid. I was a business owner that had lost the passion for my work and was totally lost in terms of purpose and enjoyment for life. I was struggling with anxiety and depression and found it extremely challenging to look positively into the future. My lack of clarity around purpose was an absolute mindfuck and I didn’t have the resources to help get back on track.

Through Vashti’s guidance I was able to reconnect to my true self by redefining  my core values and aligning my behavior’s to live a more positive meaningful life. Vashti has given me simple tools which I practice every day that allow me to live and breathe my values and behaviors. Having someone like Vashti in my corner keeps me grounded and focused on living a meaningful life. I feel more connected with myself and I have a clear vision on how I want to live and lead my life.”

- Brody Petersen - Managing Director Parlour Group

“Don’t be fooled by the flamboyance and all the “darlings' ' and “gorgeous one’s”. Vashti is the real thing. While many coaches work with you on purpose and goals and intentions etc, she has a few extra things going on. The first is her own lived experience which means her north star (and yours) is legacy. Most coaches are strong at professional or personal, not both. She moves between and across all aspects of your life. Creatively and adeptly. That’s the second thing and it’s critical, because in case it isn’t obvious (if you work together it will be) it’s all connected. Underneath all the exploration and the conversation and the tools, is a rigorous framework and structure that keeps you honest and doing the work. This is the third thing and in my opinion the master stroke. There are no options out, there is no way but through and it's all done with a loving and humorous firmness, every SINGLE week. Though I refer to it as work (because there is stuff to do and often it's uncomfortable), there is so much joy in re(discovering) and growing all the parts of you and the joy is amplified because she is always there cheering you on, like it has all happened to her personally. I’ve had a lot of exposure to coaches over time and a healthy dose of cynicism about what they could help me achieve. I am a complete convert now. Although what I am about to say probably means I need more work (!) I am addicted to my sessions, to the role Vashti plays in my life and the life she has helped me create for myself. If you work with her, I guarantee you will be too.”

- Natalie Devlin  Chief Experience Officer Charter Hall

“I highly recommend working with Vashti if you're ready to change the way you show up in the world and build a legacy that you're proud of.

Vashti guided me through grief in the year after my dad died. She challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me craft the life I am living today. Without her support, and sometimes tough love I would not have believed I could build what I have.

I will be forever grateful for Vashti's support, frameworks and words of wisdom.”

- Emily-Rose Hills | Founder and Director The Social Media Coach

“Vashti’s coaching takes you to the sticky and uncomfortable points you would ordinarily avoid and arms you with a clear plan to tackle them. She approaches every session with energy, clarity and a willingness to change direction week-to-week. Her approach is truly unique and it has made me a more confident manager and a braver decision maker. ”

- Joel Tozer, Executive Producer, ‘7.30’ ABC

“Working with Vashti Whitfield as my coach and right-hand woman has been nothing short of transformative. Vashti possesses a rare combination of wisdom, empathy, and strategic acumen that has propelled me to new heights in both my personal and professional life.

Through her guidance, I've not only unlocked hidden potential within myself but also gained a profound clarity of purpose. Vashti has an unparalleled ability to distill complex challenges into actionable steps, making the seemingly insurmountable suddenly achievable.

Her unwavering support, even during the toughest moments, has been a cornerstone of my journey. Vashti doesn't just empower you; she stands by your side every step of the way. Her genuine belief in my capabilities has been a driving force, and her ability to help me tap into my strengths has been a game-changer.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Vashti Whitfield to anyone seeking to lead a life of impact, empowerment, and legacy. Her guidance is not just about achieving success; it's about making a difference in the world and leaving a lasting legacy. Vashti is the catalyst you need to ignite your potential and create a future you've only dreamed of. She's not just a coach; she's a true partner in your journey towards understanding your true self and happier days !!”

- Scott Gibbons - Managing Director

“It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that I share my transformative experience under the guidance of Vashti Whitfield, a remarkable mindset and resilience coach. After stepping out of a significant executive career, I found myself in need of a fresh perspective and a new direction to redefine my path. Vashti emerged as the beacon of hope and catalyst for the positive change I sought.

Having navigated the terrain of corporate success, I was drawn to Vashti because of my experience with her some 15 years earlier and her reputation for suiting individuals who aspire to play a big game in life and business. From our very first session, it was evident that she possessed the exceptional ability to shake me out of my comfort zone and ignite the dormant sparks of creativity within me (which I had assumed did not exist!). She embodies the essence of accountability, consistently encouraging me to strive for excellence and stay committed to my aspirations.

Vashti is more than a coach; she is a confidante, a guide, and a motivator who delves deep into one's life and career journey to extract the best version of oneself. Through our sessions, she skilfully unraveled the layers of fear, and uncertainty that had accumulated over the years. Her keen insights and perceptive understanding helped me recognize and embrace my true potential.

Her coaching style is a fusion of wisdom, empathy, and strategic planning. She provided me with practical tools and actionable steps to transform my mindset and navigate the challenges that often accompany significant transitions. With her unwavering support, I gained the confidence to embrace change, embrace risks, and forge ahead on a path aligned with my true passions and purpose.

In my experience with Vashti I learned that resilience is not merely about bouncing back from setbacks; it's about leveraging challenges to propel oneself forward. Vashti embodies this philosophy, guiding her clients to find strength in adversity and turn setbacks into stepping stones for future success.

If you are seeking a coach who will challenge you, inspire you, and guide you to discover the untapped potential within, then Vashti is the coach you've been searching for.

She is a transformative force, and her impact on my life and career has been nothing short of extraordinary. I wholeheartedly recommend Vashti to anyone ready to embark on a transformative journey toward their best self.”

- Jacqui Clarke, Non-Executive Director and Author

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